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Time for a new adventure!

The big news is that Charlie and I are relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida this summer. I would say it would be a piece of cake to move... but moving a clay studio is not going to be fun. But... once we get there... we will have fun for sure. In the last 9 of years we have enjoyed great success in our business. It has been an all work and no play for most of that 9 years. I think one year we actually did 28 shows! It's time to slow down a bit and smell the salt water! Are we retiring? Oh heck no! I will create work as long as my body is willing.

We will continue with our Dallas showroom at Dallas Market Center, as it has really taken off. Florida Art Fairs will now be a lot easier once we are settled, so look for us again at Bonita Springs and many other venues next winter.

My annual Birthday Summer Sale begins June 4th (I'll be 66 on June 5th). So look for the link email June 3rd.

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