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As a child of the 50's & 60's, Debra was inspired by the Afro-Cuban dance movement “Cha-Cha”. The flowing ruffles of the dancers’ dresses and shirts are apparent in undulating curves and vibrant colors used to create these hand thrown, Grolleg porcelain vessels.

Porcelain has been the catalyst for “decorative arts” through the millennium, from ancient carved Chinese vases to the ornate vessels of 18th century France.  In keeping with tradition, with an eye on current day aesthetics, Debra has created pieces with a new technology of firing and oxide colorant discoveries. These new advancements in the ceramic field have enabled her to produce unmuted colors with micro-crystalline glazes as well as clay bodies that are more “plastic” in nature; which contribute to the aid of throwing large pieces on the wheel and taking porcelain to its limits.

Cha Cha Series


Available through Regis Galerie, Las Vegas

"Ovum"  SOLD.

22" w x 15" h (on stand)

Cha Cha Series

"Pretty in Pink"

Available through Regis Galerie, Las Vegas

Cha Cha Series

"Periwinkle and Pink"

Available though Regis Galerie, Las Vegas

Cha Cha

"Ms Rosie Victory"

Available at Regis Gallery, Las Vegas

"Cha Cha Pepper" 


"Cha Cha in Aqua Blue" 

22" w x 6" h 

Contact Debra for Pricing

 Cha Cha Series

" Shall We Dance?"

24" h x 15"w

Contact Debra for pricing

Cha Cha Series

"Ms. Blurple"


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