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A year of change

It was a year ago March 2020 that life took an abrupt "Halt" for a lot of folks. Charles and I had just returned to Texas from a flurry of art fairs in Florida. As the days past, one by one, my spring and summer art fairs cancelled. I was just back from a surgery as well, that required that I not lift anything over 10lbs. I look back on the year with mixed feelings. I was relieved that the shows were cancelled, as I wouldn't be able to make the work to keep up. I was worried about the future of art fairs. I was immensely saddened by the daily deaths from this virus and the suffering of my fellow man through this epidemic.

The old saying "When life hands you lemons..." , became true for me. Finally, a block of precious time. I began experimenting with new glazes, new wall pieces with Charles and heading in a slightly different direction with my work. I found new galleries and online platforms to carry my work. Sometimes change is a good thing and it forced me to seek another way to make a living. And of course, my wonderful clay loving supporters that kept me busy with orders. Thank you!

We will be back in 2022 to do art fairs in Florida. It is likely that I will not do to many other shows outside of Florida... but never say never. I have spent 4 decades of dealing with wind, rain, freezing cold and blistering hot. My daughter once asked me "Why in the world would you set up a tent in Texas in the spring with the crazy storms we get?" or summer in the mid-west for that matter. Hmmmm why indeed?

Here's a few new pieces and glazes I discovered in the "Big Pause".

This one is called "Ms Lilac". One of my new pieces in the "Cha Cha" series.

Adding a little zest to my wall sculptures. This one is called "Ariel Lotus"

New bold colors for my "Ocean Whispers" series

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