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The lid of this piece is cast glass, less than 15 of this design were ever cast. The original piece was created in clay... actually a wheel thrown vessel that was sliced open, carved and mounted on the lid. All of my glass lids began with clay. I have less than 4 of these lids left.  The vessel is hand thrown porcelain with my "Pearl" glaze.  It sits on a porcelain riser but is not attached. I consider this a "second", as the base of the vessel was slightly chipped removing it from its glaze catcher. I did grind down the imperfections and so that they are not too visible.

My Gallery Price $5800

It measures 19"h x 13.5"w

# 30 Ocean Echo Ivory and Plum

$5,800.00 Regular Price
$1,450.00Sale Price
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